As a center for American Physical Theater, Synetic Studio offers holistic and comprehensive training for theatre artists of all ages. Our diverse roster of classes provides students with a unique and distinctive set of skills that can be applied to almost any genre of theatre performance, preparing teens for undergraduate study and the professional market. Each class culminates in an open classroom with invited guest artists from the DC community present to offer critical evaluations and personal feedback giving teens the opportunity to develop a professional network. The teen preparatory program emphasizes personal artistic discipline, a sense of aesthetic vision, and nurtures an understanding of the artist’s ability to shape their community and the world through ambitious, challenging dramatic work.

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Synetic Teen Productions are a physically intensive and artistically challenging training program that results in high quality, professional level productions at our Crystal City Theater. Teens cast work closely with professional directors, fight and movement choreographers, and as part of their mentorship receive special coaching on character and technique from senior Synetic company members. At the end of eight rigorous weeks the teen ensemble has a fully staged, full-length production, to go along with an experience of a lifetime.

Teen R & J Auditions
By appointment only 10-2 PM Sept. 5th and 12th.
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Classes begin September 14!


Teen Program, Movement: Synetic Skills and Technique – Instructor: Tori Bertocci
Fridays, 5:00 p.m.

This class focuses on developing an advanced corporeal expression through a series of interdisciplinary physical vocabularies. Drawn from the rigorous training of Synetic company members, this class breaks down Synetic’s unique synthesis of physical performance skills including body waves, footwork, mime, ballet, tumbling, gymnastics, and neutral mask. The student connects the heart to the body to create a highly adaptable physical awareness and a variety of physical skills that can be applied to an actor’s process, a director’s composition, or a choreographer’s toolbox.

Teen Program, Acting: Building a Character – Instructor: Joe Carlson
Mondays, 4:30 p.m.

Building a Character is a rigorous course that immerses students serous about the craft of stage acting in the foundational practices of theater performance. Students examine and practice the concepts of beats, objective, action, activity, given circumstances, “as ifs” and non-verbal text as they move from analyzing dramatic scripts in table-work to building three-dimensional characters from the ground up. The primary objective for students is to create on stage moments of authenticity and graduate from showing, to being. Students will learn to develop characters by formulating a personal discipline and artistic process derived from a survey of such masters as Stanislasvski and Hagan whose teachings emphasize internal stimulus and personal emotional recall, as well externally shaped characterizations through the pedagogy of Meyerhold’s biomechanics and Growtowski’s via negativa. The semester culminates in a workshop performance of contemporary monologues and scenes.


Teen Program, Physical Comedy – Instructor: Robert Bowen Smith
Saturdays, 10:30 a.m.

“I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.”
– Charlie Chaplin

Physical Comedy provides students a working understanding of prat falls, pies in the face, and the most important skill of clown or actor alike: how to live honestly and vulnerably in a moment of failure. Actors will study comedic timing, tricks and techniques for audience evaluation and engagement, create a commedia delle’arte performance using stock characters and classic lazzis, learn how to set physical performances to musical underscoring, and study documented work of comedic masters. The class culminates in students presenting their clowns in short devised performances for an invited audiences.

Teen Program, Synetic Stage Combat – Instructor: Ben Cunis
Saturdays, 9:00 a.m.

Learn how to execute high-octane stage combat maneuvers like the artist athletes of Synetic Theater. Led by Synetic Fight Master, Ben Cunis, this course develops accuracy, safety, and proficiency in the fundamental techniques needed to execute complex fight choreography as well as protect the actor and their instrument when engaging in dramatic physical encounters. Students will practice tumbling, acrobatics, martial arts, and dance, synthesizing those techniques to create compelling fights that further story, and character while amazing their audience with acts of grace, power, and athleticism.