The preeminent studio for physical theater training in the greater Washington DC region, Synetic offers an exciting introduction to the world of physical theater through energetic, creative and athletic feats that inspire students to creativity.

Synetic Flex Pass: $350

Attend as many classes as you like with the Synetic Flex Pass!  With this pass Adults have access to Fitness, Synetic Technique, and Acting in Physical Theatre!  Three classes for the price of two!  Teens who purchase this pass can attend Advanced Movement and Choreography, Fitness, and Synetic Technique.  Our classes are designed to compliment one another, providing a well rounded immersion in the various techniques of physical theatre and movement for the actor that supports classic, contemporary and avant-garde performance styles.



Introducing Synetic Fitness Express!
An abbreviated version of our fitness classes perfect for those who work or live in Crystal City! $90 for 10 classes or $10 per class for drop-ins!

Register for Wednesdays 7-7:45am.

Register for Thursdays 12-12:45pm. 


Synetic Fitness Mondays 6-7pm  or Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

Maximum Enrollment: 25

Location:  Synetic @ Studio Violet in Crystal City


Have you ever watched a Synetic performance and asked yourself: How do they DO THAT?  Well, it all begins with company training, and now you can work out like the stars of the Synetic stage do.  Synetic Fitness is the perfect group exercise experience for you and a friend. Why suffer alone in the gym doing the same ole exercises, when you can work out your body, your creativity, and your dance skills all at the same time? Led by senior instructors we offer a dynamic exercise routine from week to week, making sure to provide a balance between pushing students to their limits, while not overstressing their bodies. Synetic Fitness is a fun and affordable one of kind exercise experience for actors, athletes, and anyone else with a desire to move!

Click here to register for the Monday class Winter Session.

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Monday: Synetic Technique 7-8:30pm

Maximum Enrollment 25

Location:  Synetic @ Studio Violet in Crystal City

$175, plus service fee on ovation tix

Synetic Technique is a highly specialized class that focuses on developing a heightened sense of body awareness and corporeal expression through a series of inter-disciplinary physical vocabularies.  Stemming from the rigorous training our Synetic company members endure, this class breaks down this unique synthesis of techniques, making them approachable and fun for the students as they navigate how to control their bodies in a way never thought possible before.  From a head-to-toe breakdown of isolation work students then progress to a more demanding series of exercises that develop plasticity, acceleration, and coordination.  Body waves, footwork, pantomime, ballet and gymnastics are just a few examples of the various disciplines explored.  Connecting the mind to the body, this class creates a capable and highly adaptable physical awareness boosting confidence and leaving the student with a skill set taught nowhere else, like nowhere else.



Thursday:  Acting for Physical Theater 7-9:00pm

Location: Synetic @ Studio Violet in Crystal City

$225, plus service fee on ovation tix

Acting for Physical Theater is an intensive and immersive class that focuses on advanced acting concepts and their application to movement, character, and environment, while re-examining foundational skills through a physical lens. Concepts such as living truthfully, emotional life, objectives & tactics, actor’s preparation, and characterization are developed through status games, relationship dynamics, group and solo exercises drawn from the rich traditions of physical theatre.


Street Theater Intensive, June 23 >> 28
For High School and College Students!

Creative collaboration to change your world! Street Theater Intensive students will journey through the roots of performance to study the rich traditions of alternative theater for the public forum. Engaging the customs of commedia, disciplines of an integrated arts ensemble, and the metamorphoses of the spectator- actor, street theater is a vital and exciting means of honing one’s skills as an actor and citizen artist who uses their craft to empower their community and transform public spaces into arenas of artistic exchange and civic action through dramatic expression. This week long intensive immerses teen artists in the history and techniques of street theater, activating physical and verbal text in public spaces and inviting 21st century audiences to add their perspectives via social media. This one-week intensive course culminates in powerful image theatre creations, lazzis, and audience interactive works that travel from Crystal City to Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. Led by senior Synetic Teachers and master artists from acclaimed dog and pony theater, Teen artists will join Synetic’s physical theater language with devised theater practices to create socially relevant performances.