Synetic Theater is about creating active imaginations, active bodies, active kids! Using our signature style of Physical Theater, Synetic uses gymnastics, dance, acting and storytelling to create athletic, creative kids. We offer classes for both 7 – 9 year olds (elementary school group) and 10 – 13 year olds (middle school group). As a center for American Physical Theater, Synetic offers an exciting introduction to the world of physical theater, acting and dance through energetic and athletic feats that inspire students to creativity.



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Young Artists, Ages 7-9

Elementary Adventures in Acting (Mondays 5-6pm or Saturdays 9-10am )

Maximum Enrollment: 15

Price: $135, plus service fee on ovation tix

Location:  Synetic @ Studio Violet in Crystal City

Springtime invites a sense of discovery, beauty, and new ideas. Gather your mystical crystal ball, mount your valiant steed and join your friends at Synetic Studio for a world of enchantment and wonder.  Elementary Adventures in Acting: Fairytale connections develops vocal, motor, and social skills as students work with one another in discovering the connections between fairytales from around and the globe and even create their own legendary world complete with greedy goblins, beautiful princesses, a house made out of sweets, frolicking mermaids, happy endings and so much more! Through theatre games, improvisations, story construction, costuming and prop design, each young artist puts their imagination into action as they re-create classic fairytales while heightening physical awareness, learning to actively listen, and building confidence.

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Thespians, Ages 10-13

Middle School Foundations: Acting and Movement (Mondays, 6:30-8pm)

Location: Synetic @ Studio Violet

Price: $225, plus service fee

Acting isn’t only about pretending to be someone else, or wearing awesome costumes.  Though that’s fun too!  Acting can be a path of self-discovery and creative empowerment. Get to know your body and yourself better while developing confidence, artistic process and community in an encouraging, high-energy environment.  Using theater games, movement exercises and acrobatics as a launching board, Synetic Middle School Acting and Movement Technique introduces students to the fundamentals of contemporary acting style with an emphasis on creating the physical life of a character.  Students will develop a process for transforming dramatic literature into realistic human behavior for the stage, explore presence, and gain fundamental stage acting technique.